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EC30's Top 10 Things to Clean & How  

EC30's 10 Things We *Might* Forget to Clean

EC30's Top 10 Things to Clean & How  

Since we've sheltered at home, it might seem like all we do is clean.
Clean our hands, clean our clothes, sweep, sweep and more sweeping...

Here are some simple additions to your cleaning routine that will make a
big difference in reducing dirt and germs in your home.


Doorknobs/Garage Door Openers/Doorbells

They're typically one of the first and last things you touch when you enter and leave a building. To clean these, take a spray bottle of cleanser (we're partial to our Surface Cleaner) and spritz a cleaning cloth. Wipe the doorbell, knobs (inside AND out) and Garage door openers regularly


Kitchen Chairs

While you might be good at remembering to wipe down the kitchen table after meals, its a good plan to regularly wipe down your chairs too. Spray your chairs with cleaner (again, our Surface Cleaner is our favorite), and wipe. Say bye to those food crumbs, drips and handprints!

Did you know?
EC30 is smaller and lighter than liquid detergents. This means fewer trucks are needed to ship the product. Fewer trucks = 75% fewer emissions



Yes, we all know the importance of washing hands, but are you *really* washing your hands correctly to prevent the same dirt and germs from hopping right back on?


Use warm water and hand soap. Make sure to use enough soap to make a generous lather.


Then, be sure to rinse all the soap off, we don't want to host the "germ reunion." Finally, make sure you use a clean dry towel to dry your hands. Whether the towel you use is reusable or disposable, be sure to use it to turn the faucet off. Remember, your hands were dirty when you turned the faucet on, don't use your clean hands to turn it back off. If a towel isn't available, use your elbow.

Did you know?
When we use soap to wash our hands, germs and dirt are actually removed by getting encapsulated in the bubbles of the lather you create.

When you wash your hands, rub them together firmly enough and long enough to cover all areas of your hands: between each of your fingers, under your fingernails, the back of your hands and all the way down to your wrists.


Light Switches

Wiping down light switches during your normal cleaning routine can be helpful keeping your hands clean.


Think about all the times you touch your light switches. When *just* cleaned hands come in contact with not so clean switches...well, you get the idea...



If you are like many of us, your cellphone is a constant companion. You take it everywhere with you (even bathroom?). Good news! All it takes is a little Surface Cleaner and a rag to remove germs from your cellphone.


Additional tip: it's not a great idea to wet your cellphone--it's better to use a towel with cleaner sprayed on it.



Faucets are constantly being turned on by dirty hands. Make sure you clean them on a regularly. Faucets can be cleaned the same way as most of the areas/items above--a great Surface Cleaner on a cleaning cloth-- wipe vigorously to ensure dirt and germs are removed. Don't forget about faucets in your kitchen, laundry room shower and tub!


Keyboards & Mouses

If you are like the majority of workers these days, you have eaten at least one meal or snack at your desk. Have your hands always been freshly washed when you last sat at your desk? No? Then you likely should give your keyboard and mouse a good wipe down with a cloth spritzed with Surface Cleaner.


Steering Wheels, Gear Shifts, & Radio Dials

It's a safe guess to assume your hands aren't freshly washed when you get in your car either. Which means all the buttons, wheels and screens you touch when driving can be full of dirt and germs from where ever you just came from: the restaurant, the office, the grocery store. EC30's Surface Cleaner is great for wiping down the surfaces in your car. You can spritz the dashboard and use the moist towel to wipe down screens and the steering wheel.


Remote Controls

Have you ever heard that hotel remotes are one of the dirtiest things? Well, when was the last time you cleaned yours? It can be really easy to overlook wiping down your remotes. If you're also like us, you watch TV while eating--which means you probably picked up that remote after tossing a french fry in your mouth... You should give all your remotes a thorough wipe down with Surface Cleaner and a cleaning cloth.


Bath Mats

Bath mats do more than accent bathroom décor. They host your wet feet as you get out of the bath/shower, they keep your feet warm when you sit on the toilet. Think of all the germs that float around your bathroom. Make sure you toss your bath mats in the laundry on a regular basis—at least as often as you clean your bathroom floor—doesn’t make sense to put dirty mats down on a freshly cleaned floor, now does it? Luckily, EC30’s Laundry swatches make it easy to clean your bath mats—simply toss in a swatch with your mats, and they’ll be fresh and clean.

Well, there you go. Here is EC30's top 10 places in our homes we might forget to clean (if you're not already a cleaning guru). Got more tips for us? Tell us about your favorite things to clean on FB and InstaGram with #EC30 #EnlightenedClean. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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