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Hi. We are tackling a world of waste together.

The cleaning industry generates huge amounts of unnecessary waste. Together we can make massive reductions.


We are on a mission to re-imagine clean for the planet. We want to stop just cleaning. Let's start living clean.




Our Challenge to Rethink Everything

At Procter & Gamble, we invented clean – from the first soap that floats ™ - to cleaning every surface on you and around you. It's time to make a difference that lasts for generations to come.


Years of research and questioning everything that the industry took for granted paid off.

Today, we are proud to present you with the most unexpected and game-changing technology.

Our Promise

EC30 is made with just the ingredients you need for an impeccable clean and is packaged in recyclable and compostable packaging.


No plastic packaging screaming at you and no more unnecessary chemicals.

In 2019

Because of You...

345 lbs of plastic never entered our landfills

Because of You...

189 gallons of H2O was saved, not shipped

Because of You...

75% of carbon emissions weren't emitted

Products for You.

See How It Works

See How It Works

See How It Works

See How It Works

Products for Home.

See How It Works

See How It Works

See How It Works

See How It Works

Packaging that won't
outlive our children

No Plastic Packaging.

What the Swatch?

We linked our best-in-class cleaning technologies with the best practices from textiles industry.

This is how the swatch was born!

"This is Nuts..."

I'm a skydiver. At the end of the day I smell like sweat and zero-pososity nylon. But not today. Today I smell like this detergent... 2 weeks after I washed the jumpsuit and crammed it in my nasty gear bag. By the way, it gets grass stains out for those not-so-graceful landings. Or whatever else you may have done

Coop Aug 17, 2019

"Obsessed with this Scent."

First. I'm obsessed with this scent. Second, I was really happy to see that I don't have to sacrifice quality for ecological packaging and not paying to ship water, all these products are actually good products. Shocking! People who care about ethical packaging care about quality too? Who knew!?!?! Oh, right. All of us! And, apparently, Enlightened Clean.

Coop Aug 17, 2019

"Toilet Cleaner Amazing..."

"The product you have been searching for! Such a satisfying foaming up in the toilet bowl, it basically cleans itself .... the bonus that this is all natural and effective is a win win. Never using chemicals in a bottle again!!"

Barry J. Nov 15, 2019

"This is One of a Kind."

I personally loved this product. The fragrance was strong enough, but not overwhelming. The product itself was super neat, super compact and the quality was fantastic. It gave enough foam and surprisingly was very creamy and moisturizing, not leaving my hands dry at all. This is one of a kind.

Jamila Aug 09, 2019

"Ok, I'm Impressed!"

I have to admit. I am not often impressed by new products I try but i was with these products. Today i took one of the all purpose cleaning pads & put it in about a quart of hot water & used my microfiber cleaning cloths. I cleaned my tile bathrooms & mirror. Literally squeaky clean & no streaks! I had already used the toilet cleaner with good results. Ok, I'm impressed!

Deb Oct 02, 2019

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