Sustainable Halloween Tips

Halloween is almost here, and while it’s a great time for spooks and celebrations, it can be a not-so-great time for the planet. So, we’re bringing you some tips on how you can celebrate more sustainably.

Costumes. Don’t buy costumes – use what’s already on hand! Of course a pillowcase ghost is tried-and-true, but we’re pretty sure there are plenty of other DIYs laying around the house. A party hat and a solid-colored shirt? You’re a crayon! A red bandana and a blue work shirt? Rosie the riveter! Even reuse old boxes for robot costumes, Minecraft and more.


Treats. While it’s hard to find candy that isn’t individually wrapped, opt for goodies with minimal packaging and/or those made packaged in recycled materials. Alternatively, opt to pass out items kids can use, such as pencils, erasers, or stickers. Kids with food sensitivities will thank you!


Lights Off… Sometimes! Sure you’re proud of your decorations, and seeing the streets lit at night is fun for everyone. But using lighting timers can ensure those lights aren’t staying on longer than they need to.


Trick-or-Treat Bags. Use (and decorate) household items to collect candy in. A bucket, pillowcase, or old even an old bag can be decorated inexpensively at home - and reused year after year.


Pumpkins. Instead of a big box store, look for pumpkins from local farms or farmers' markets. For next year, even consider growing your own!


Food for Thought. Don't throw away all the goodies from inside your pumpkin. Toast the seeds for tasty treats. Make pumpkin pie or muffins with the fruit - or compost it.


Trick or Treat, Use Your Feet. This year get your candy and your steps. Instead of driving to another destination, try walking around your neighborhood instead. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, reduce your carbon emissions and help keep the streets safe for other walkers.


Compost and Recycle. From party food to treats to pumpkins, consider composting all organic matter and recycling other items.

For every EC30 purchase made, we’ll pay it forward by planting one tree (or more!) in an area affected by deforestation. Together, we can make a difference.