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What to know what it's like to Clean without a Trace? To start replacing those 108 bottles, 15 gallons of water and 3 kg’s of non-essential chemicals the average household uses?

Then take our 30 Day Challenge!

Simply put, forget having to deal with nasty ingredients AND plastic within your household. Get to experience  our best sellers with:

  • 30 SHAMPOO SWATCHES that washes your hair leaving it feeling clean and frizz-free even when you air-dry (ingredients)
  • 30 BODY WASH SWATCHES that are foamy, fragrant and fun (ingredients)
  • 15 LAUNDRY DETERENT SWATCHES optimized for all colors and fabrics, with stain removal power you expect in the best brands (ingredients)
  • 15 TOILET CLEANER SWATCHES 1-drop-no-touch cleaning miracle (ingredients)