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(30 Ct)
1 Tree Planted
Safe for Whites,
Colors, Delicates
Suitable For All
Machines & Temps
#1 Best Overall
Laundry Sheet

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    Say goodbye to messy powders and liquids – our swatches contain zero water and no fillers, leaving only enzymes and odor fighters that do what you need them to – clean. From everyday sweat and stains to set-in spaghetti stains, one swatch is all you need to get a high-performance clean. As Good Housekeeping said "EC30 laundry detergent swatches wowed us with their stellar performace in our Cleaning Lab tests.

    • EC30 Best in Test! Awarded #1 Best Overall Laundry Sheet by Good Housekeeping
    • Safe for whites, colors & delicates.
    • Cleans even the toughest stains.
    • Long lasting scent keeps your clothes smelling great, longer
    • Zero plastic packaging.

    sodium laureth sulfate, Sodium C10-16 Alkylbenzenesulfonate, Silica, sodium carbonate, Polyethyleneimine alkoxylated, C12-14 Pareth, Sodium Acrylic Acid/MA Copolymer,polyvinyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium Citrate, Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate, Fragrance, Methoxypolyoxymethylene Melamine/ Vinyl homopolymer salt, Phenylpropyl Ethyl Methicone, Simethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Subtilisin, Amylase Enzyme, Zeolite, PEG, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, C10-16 Pareth, disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, Sodium Hydroxide, black 2, Cellulose gum. Contains fragrance allergens. VIEW FULL INGREDIENT STATEMENT


    CONTENTS: 30 Swatches

    TOTAL NET WT: 16.75 oz (475 g)

    INCLUDES: +1 Tree Donated

    MAX PURCHASE: 3 Units


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    A crisp, refreshing scent


    1 Tree Planted w/ Purchase

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a high performance clean that is sustainable

With no heavy plastic bottles, anyone has access to an easy way to clean your laundry. Just drop, load, and wash

  • Drop a swatch into the drum

    Be sure to add the swatch before putting clothes into the machine.

  • Load clothes into machine

    Add your clothes to your machine after adding the swatch.

  • Wash in cold water

    For the cleanest clothes with the fewest emissions, wash on cold water.

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Frequent Questions

  • Why does the Laundry Detergent have PVOH?

    PVOH is used in EC30 to create the solid swatch form, and is generally not considered to be a microplastic since it completely dissolves and is biologically degradable. Polyvinyl alcohols are commonly used and are present in many areas of everyday life, including paper finishing, textile manufacture, and as stabilizers approved for use in food.

  • Is EC30 Laundry Detergent only for washing machine or can it also be used in earthenware for handwashing?

    EC30 laundry detergent is designed to be compatible with machine washers; however, clothes should get clean and fresh even when hand washing. We do not recommend cutting the laundry swatch. First dissolve the swatch in the water, stirring well to make sure it is fully dissolved before adding clothes. Leave the clothes to soak for some time to allow the cleaning agents to do their work. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

  • Confidence in our ingredient selection

    The EC30 ingredients have been assessed and are safe for the environment. (Forests, Water, Crops, etc.) For us in EC30, the safety of our consumers and their world is at the heart of what we do. We follow a rigorous 4-step science-based safety process before our EC30 products reach our consumers and their families. This process is the same used by regulatory agencies such as US FDA, EPA, the EU, the WHO and others.

Zero Added Water

Zero Plastic Bottles

Never Tested on Animals

1 Tree Planted w/ Purchase

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Join the Journey to Carbon Neutral clean

  • Fewer Emissions

    The EC30 brand reduces CO2 emission impact from manufacturing, chemistry, and shipping vs traditional liquids. In partnership with nature and the Arbor Day Foundation, we invest in verified forest restoration to offset the immediate carbon emissions we can't reduce.

  • No Plastic Bottles

    Every year, the average family ends up with 108 plastic bottles from cleaning their homes and bodies. Even when we recycle, up to 90% still ends up in a landfill. So we got rid of the plastic bottles.

  • No Added Water

    Did you know that liquid cleaning products are mostly water? Every year, 800,000 million gallons of unnecessary water is shipped. So we took out the water! Water should be saved and not shipped.

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