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What are the ingredients?

Each swatch is uniquely formulated for the cleaning job it performs. Because the ingredients are different by product, each Product Page has a section listing the ingredients.

The Product pages can be found in our top navigation menu and are listed here: Laundry Detergent, Toilet Cleaner, Hand Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

Our trial kits contain a mix of swatches that have the same ingredients as those listed above.

Is EC30 tested on animals?

The EC30 product you purchase is not tested on animals.

Is EC30 cruelty free?

The EC30 product you purchase is not tested on animals. EC30 has not undergone certification as Cruelty Free.

Is EC30 vegan?

While EC30 contains no ingredients that are directly derived from animals we have not completed the certifications necessary to claim the product is Vegan and therefore recommend you treat it as not Vegan at this time.

Is EC30 gluten free?

EC30 is not formulated with any wheat, rye, barley or crossbreeds of these grains. EC30 has not undergone the testing to confirm fewer than 20 ppm of gluten that would be done to certify as gluten free. We recommend individuals sensitive to gluten carefully test EC30 prior to casual use.

Where is EC30 made?

EC30 is made in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States.

Are the particles that I can feel in my Shampoo/Hand Wash/Body Wash microplastics?

Some EC30 products contain small crystals of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to create the bubbles in the product (e.g. Shampoo and Body Wash). Prior to fully dissolving these can sometimes have a gritty feel to them, and have been confused with microplastic. There is no microplastic in EC30 personal care products (ie none in shampoo, hand wash, body wash, face wash or conditioner), this grittiness will dissolve in water.

What is PVA? Why do you have it in your products?

PVA stands for PolyVinyl Alcohol. PVA is used in EC30 to create the solid swatch form. PVA dissolves completely and is biologically degradable. Polyvinyl alcohols are commonly used and are present in many areas of everyday life, including paper finishing, textile manufacture, and as stabilizers approved for use in food.

Is PVA a microplastic?

No - PVA is generally not considered to be a microplastic since it completely dissolves and is biologically degradable.

Can I divide the swatch?

EC30 swatches can be divided if you find the amount of product too much (for example, some people with short hair find the shampoo too large). For best results, divide the swatch by cutting with scissors instead of tearing. When you tear the swatch, the fibers become compressed and the swatch will not dissolve as well.

Is EC30 safe for septic systems?

There are no septic safety concerns anticipated with use of this product, if used as directed in a properly functional septic system.

Confidence in our ingredient selection

For us in EC30, the safety of our consumers and their world is at the heart of what we do. We follow a rigorous 4-step science-based safety process before our EC30 products reach our consumers and their families. This process is the same used by regulatory agencies such as US FDA, EPA, the EU, the WHO and others.

When choosing what goes into our EC30 product ingredients, we pay close attention to ensure ingredients are used in their safe range and deliver the cleaning performance that our consumer expect. EC30 (P&G) operates with tomorrow in mind. We enforce science-based practices with our employees, suppliers and partners because we’re committed to preserving our planet for generations to come.The EC30 product you purchase is not tested on animals. EC30 has not undergone certification as Cruelty Free.

Is “natural” always better?

Some people believe natural product ingredients are safer to use than synthetic ones. In reality, both natural and synthetic ingredients have a safe range and an unsafe range. Even basics like sunlight, oxygen, and water have safety limits. We, at EC-30 ensure that all of our ingredients are chosen with three important criteria: 1) science-based safety (within a safe range), 2) every ingredient plays a role in the product performance, and 3) responsible sourcing of our priority materials that ensures ethical and transparent supply chains for people and the environment.


What is EC30 Packaging?

Our goal at EC30 is to create cleaning products that leave no trace. Every component of the packing is either reusable, biodegradable if composted, and/or recyclable.*

EC30 is primarily packaged in a bamboo pulp and spent-sugar-cane box. Bamboo pulp is classified as one of the top renewable resources given its ability to grow quickly and easily regrow after being cut down. This primary box may be suitable for composting depending on your local restrictions. This box is recyclable*.

EC30 inserts are printed on paper or vellum (wax-coated paper). This paper is recyclable.*

EC30 Trial kits contain small, cardstock inner boxes to separate the unique formulas. These boxes are recyclable*.

For shipping, boxes of EC30 are packed with a clay and craft paper desiccant inside a specially made bag that may be suitable for compost.* The desiccant and bag are necessary to protect EC30 in transit when the temperature and humidity are high.

The bags are packed in cardboard boxes with craft paper.

* check your local restrictions on recycling and compost.

Is the Packaging Biodegradable?

Our goal at EC30 is to create cleaning products that leave no trace.

This requires your help! The packaging is designed to biodegrade if you compost it. The paper products may be recycled*. But, if you put the packaging in the landfill waste stream it will degrade at a very slow rate as landfills are created with the intent to block water, light, and oxygen.

Please do not throw our packaging into landfill waste stream if you have recycling or composting options available.

What if I Don't Have Compost Options?

If you do not have compost and/or recycling options, we will compost or recycle the package for you. You can mail it back to us in the box we sent to you:

EC30 Team
8700 Mason Montgomery Road
Mason, Ohio 45040

* check your local restrictions on recycling and compost.

What is the EC30 Shower Dispenser made of?

Sustainability is at the heart of our product line. Our first dispensers were made from plastic to ensure a speedy production time.


Our latest generation shower dispenser is made of 95% PureCycle ultra-pure recycled plastic, transformed from trash found in the bins of U.S. stadiums.

What products can I use with the EC30 Shower Dispenser?

Currently our Shampoo and Conditioner swatches work well with our Shower Dispenser. We are looking for a solution to accommodate our Body Wash swatches so your whole shower routine can be delightful and easy.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping and returns for Trial Kits and orders over $35

How can I track my shipment?

The best tracking for EC30 shipping is now available at the UPS website: . This website can accept both our eco-shipper tracking codes that begin with an "8" and our parcel codes that begin with "1Z".


We offer free shipping and returns for Trial Kits and orders over $35. We are proud to be shipping our new Eco Shipper Trial Kits using a new shipping method in collaboration between UPS and USPS, known as UPS Mail Innovations. This method generates a tracking number that follows the package in both UPS and USPS systems. The tracking process initiates once your EC30 order is scanned at the first UPS Mail Innovations location, Grove City, OH.


Unlike other UPS methods (UPS Ground / Air) this method does not show the typical "A Label has been generated but not yet scanned" message. Instead, you may recieve this error message like this: "We can not locate the shipment details for this tracking number". If you recieve this error, please allow 1-2 business days to update as the package needs to get scanned at the UPS Mail Innovations location. If 1-2 business days have passed since shipment notification, please Contact Us.


Once your package has been accepted by UPS, you will see the tracking updated to 'In Transit'. Delivery date is an estimate; delays can occur. Your Eco-Shipper will finally be delivered by your local USPS mail delivery system.


When does my next order ship?

Log in to your Account and review the "Subscriptions" tab.

Here you will find the status of each item for which you have a recurring delivery.

The "Next Payment" indicates the date your next delivery order will be placed.

How do I skip a delivery?

Log in to your Account and click the "Subscriptions" tab.

Click/Press the "Edit" button next to the Subscription you would like to modify.

Choose Skip Recurrence.

Select how many deliveries you would like to skip and Click/Press "Okay"

How do I cancel my subscription?

NOTE: Cancelled subscriptions cannot be resumed, if our prices have increased you cannot lock in at a previous membership price. We also offer the ability to Skip a Delivery if you would like to keep your membership but just skip your next shipment.

Log in to your Account and click the "Subscriptions" tab.

Click/Press the "Edit" button next to the Subscription you would like to modify.

Choose Cancel Subscription.

Click/Press "Yes" on the confirmation window if you wish to cancel your subscription.


Do EC30 Loyalty Points Expire?

No, EC30 Loyalty Points do not expire

Are EC30 Loyalty Points Transferable?

No, EC30 Loyalty Points are not transferable

How long will it take for my redeemed Loyalty Points to get deducted?

EC30 Loyalty points will be deducted from the customer’s total point balance when the order is placed.

May I use loyalty points to discount my EC30 subscription?

No – only 1 discount can be used per purchase

Can EC30 loyalty points get stacked onto other discounts or offers?

No – only 1 discount can be used per purchase

What is EC30's return policy?

At EC30 we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, for any reason, satisfied please get in touch with our team and let us make it right.


We will accept returns within three weeks of purchase.

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