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Product Ingredients

Updated: 28 May 2021

IngredientCAS#FunctionWhy is it in there?
68585-34-2Sodium Laureth SulfateSurfactant for cleaningStain removal
68081-81-2Sodium C10-16 AlkylbenzenesulfonateSurfactant for cleaningGrease cleaning
7631-86-9SilicaAnti-Foam ComponentMaintaining a low suds profile during the wash cycle
497-19-8Sodium carbonatepH Modification during washStain removal
68130-99-4Polyethyleneimine alkoxylatedpolymer to aid cleaningStain removal
68439-50-9C12-14 ParethSurfactant for cleaningBody soil removal
52255-49-9Sodium Acrylic Acid/MA CopolymerPolymer for CleaningKeeping dirt off clothes
25213-24-5Polyvinyl alcoholSoluble Polymer Product ContainerContainer that provides the ease of use benefit of simply dropping into water to dissolve.
68585-47-7Sodium lauryl sulfateSurfactant for cleaningStain removal
68-04-2Sodium CitratepH Modification during washpH maintenance
164462-16-2Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl AlaninatechelatorRemoves water hardness, providing more powerful cleaning.
68037-77-4 67762-90-7 68988-56-7 22047-49-0Phenylpropyl Ethyl Methicone Simethicone Trimethylsiloxysilicate Ethylhexyl Stearate Anti-Foam Component Maintaining a low suds profile during the wash cycle
9014-01-1'SubtilisinCleaning EnzymeAids in cleaning protein based stains for easy removal from clothes
9000-90-2Amylase EnzymeCleaning EnzymeAids in cleaning starch based stains to simple sugars for easy removal
1318-02-1ZeoliteWater softeningRemoves water hardness, providing more powerful cleaning.
25322-68-3PEGPolymer ingredient for cleaningStain removal
1333-86-4Black 2Coloranthelps identify the products
1310-73-2Sodium HydroxideNeutralizing agent for surfactantpH maintenance

This product contains one or more of the ingredients that appear on designated government lists.

For more information regarding EU Respiratory Sensitizers: Chemicals classified by the European Union as respiratory sensitizers Category 1 in Annex VI to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 click here. For more information regarding California Non-Cancer Hazards click here.