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Welcome to our foam-tastic world of clean bubbles with no irritants and nasties! NO WONDER ITS THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION 

You are going to love the feel of our personal care products. People marvel at how the swatch turns to rich creamy foam in your hand, and then leaves you hair or skin feeling soft and smooth.

Different Swatches for different jobs, your trial / travel kit includes five (5) swatches each of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash:

  • SHAMPOO that washes your hair leaving it feeling clean and frizz-free even when you air-dry
  • CONDITIONER for all that shine and none of the weight
  • BODY WASH foamy, fragrant and fun

It comes in a single Bamboo box ideally sized for your on flight carry on.

2 Reviews

  • 1
    Absolutely unbearable cheap smell

    Posted by Elena Childers on Dec 28th 2019

    The idea is great, the packaging is good, fast delivery ... But the fragrance ruined everything. It is so cheap, pungent and unpleasant that it is simply impossible to keep this box in the house. I don’t even dare try it on myself.

  • 5
    Quality product, worth the price

    Posted by Heather on Dec 2nd 2019

    I was hesitant about these products due to the price, but after using each of the trial products in the set, they are well worth it. My main goal was to find a zero waste conditioner that actually works well with my hair, and EC30 is it. I have long, easily tangled hair, and the conditioner swatches were the perfect amount (so someone with shorter hair may be able to cut them in half), and left my hair feeling smooth and easily brushed.

    The facewash has been working well, and my skin has felt clean and fresh after each use. It works well enough to remove all my make-up at the end of the day. The shampoo is incredibly effective and smells nice. Each of these products hits the mark with both quality and eco-friendliness.

    One concern I had when opening the box was the strong scent. Fortunately, the products do smell nice, but when they're dissolved and used, the scent is not nearly as strong.

    Worth the price! I highly recommend supporting EC30 on their mission to reduce waste.