Celebrating National Recycling Day

Given the increasing urgency to address climate change and the focus on our journey towards carbon neutral cleaning, we at EC30 like to stay informed about the state of the world around us. Our latest blog is in honor of National Recycling Day November 15.

Established in 1997, National Recycling Day aims to encourage Americans to purchase recycled products and recycle more – cutting down on the nearly 250 million tons of waste that go to landfill each year, according to National Geographic.


At EC30, we’ve always had sustainability on the brain. Our products produce zero packaging waste to landfill when properly recycled or composted. All packaging is compostable or recyclable (check your local restrictions on recycling and compost). Note that if you put the packaging in the landfill waste stream, it will degrade at a very slow rate as landfills are created with the intent to block water, light, and oxygen

With our latest product, we’ve taken things one step further. Our second-generation shower dispenser is the first product made from PureCycled plastic. The first-of-its-kind sustainable plastic shower dispenser made from more than 95% PureCycle ultra-pure recycled plastic – which has been transformed from trash found in the bins of U.S. stadiums. Bringing an ultra-pure recycled plastic product to consumers marks a milestone for PureCycle and marks a significant development for EC30.


“EC30 is the perfect partner for our first product launch as they are equally focused on offering truly sustainable products with the smallest carbon footprint,” said PureCycle Chief Commercial Officer David Brenner. “This product is the first of what we believe to be many examples of products being piloted that demonstrate our resin's ability to deliver exceptional aesthetic and mechanical properties that both meet sustainability goals and delight the consumer."

Photo by PureCycle Technologies

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