Cleaning Products in Bulky Plastic Bottles Just Became OBSOLETE
All the cleaning power you need in the palm of your hand
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Have you ever wished you could clean in a way that was less of a burden on the planet?

Perhaps you were dismayed to find that such an effort often meant sacrificing cleaning power, giving up convenience… or both.

In that case, we think you’re going to love what you’re about to hear…

Because we’re pleased to announce that a new journey to a carbon neutral clean has begun – a clean that reduces carbon emissions, and doesn’t require plastic bottles.

And does it all without compromising on cleaning power or convenience.

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Now, we don’t blame you if you’re a bit skeptical about how revolutionary this new technology truly is.

So it may help to recall that here at Procter & Gamble, we’ve been revolutionizing how the world cleans since 1837.

  • In 1879, we introduced Ivory – the first affordable, high-quality soap.
  • In 1946, we invented the first laundry detergent without animal byproducts – Tide.
  • In 1949, we brought you Joy – the first liquid dish soap.

But today, in 2021, the time has come for a different kind of cleaning revolution.

One that combines the cleaning power and convenience you expect from us with minimal impact on the environment.

And this is the amazing breakthrough that makes it all possible…

Maximum Cleaning

Exactly where it’s needed and when it’s needed

The “EC” in EC30 stands for “Enlightened Clean.”

And that’s exactly what these products give you.

EC30 products are small lightweight swatches, each uniquely formulated for the cleaning job it performs, from soaps, shampoos and conditioners to laundry detergent and toilet cleaners.

It all starts with an amazing new lightweight material called a “Functional Fiber.”

You see, if you were to visit the top-secret EC30 production line, you wouldn’t see rows of plastic bottles being filled with heavy liquids.

Instead, you would see lightweight fibers being spun like cotton candy.

At the same time, these spun fibers are gently infused with tiny bits of many of the same high-quality cleaning ingredients found in other P&G products you’ve known and trusted over the years (as have billions around the world).

The resulting blankets of this powerful cleaning material are then deposited on a conveyor, cooled, trimmed and placed into elegant yet easily recycled and easily broken-down packaging.

Leaving out the water does more than just ease the impact on the environment.

It also means we don’t need to add the things required in a “wet” environment, like liquid stabilizers and fillers or preservatives like parabens.

This cutting-edge process is completely unique to Procter & Gamble and backed by hundreds of worldwide patents (both pending and granted), as well as the art and trade secrets of thousands of veteran P&G scientists and manufacturing engineers.

See for Yourself – Absolutely Free!

Fresh, activated clean within seconds of adding water. Watch our swatches transform into a powerful lather that cuts through all of life’s tough messes.

To put it simply, we want to do everything we can to make your life better, easier and cleaner – in ways that are much better for the planet.

  • Just imagine… you need to do the laundry? No bottle to lift and measure the right amount. You just toss in the EC30 for laundry.
  • Need to wash your hands? Grab a small EC30 hand wash swatch, run water over it, rub your hands together and watch it disappear as the cleansing foam appears.
  • Time to wash your hair? A small square of EC30 shampoo is at your service.
  • Toilet bowl dirty again? Drop in the EC30 toilet cleaner and watch how it instantly begins foaming away built-up residue so effectively you often won’t even need a brush.

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Why are we pulling out all the stops
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Because we literally can’t do it without you.

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Yours for P&G and for the environment,

P.S. Just listen to what some of the first folks to try EC30 are saying about it…

“Wonderful concept! An easy way to make an impact on the environment.” — Gretchen S. (Facebook)

“Great clean. No worries.” — Tom D. (Facebook)

“Overall, a fantastic idea.” — Meghan S. (Facebook)

“Love those little hand soaps. And what’s better is my kids love them too.” — Jessica S. (Facebook)

“Very glad I found you.” — Laura P. (Facebook)

“Not only am I able to feel better about the products we’re using, but I also feel good knowing I’m making a difference for the environment and the world our babies are growing up in!” — Linda C

“It’s quite impressive that little tiny tab turned into this big, nice, luxurious lather.” — Katie

“The EC30 toilet cleaner doesn’t give off any harmful fumes. I was worried though that without those chemicals it wouldn’t work as well. But instantly, after you drop a packet into the bowl, it foams a lot and cleans the bowl better than the traditional cleaner.” — Shae B.