The Journey to Carbon Neutral Cleaning

Given the increasing urgency to address climate change, EC30 felt it was important to start our journey towards carbon neutral cleaning. Because this can be a complicated space, we felt it was important to share additional perspective on the principles that have guided us and the approach we have taken.

Job #1 – Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

To address climate change, the top priority is to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. EC30 was designed and manufactured with that goal in mind. By taking steps like eliminating ingredients needed for liquid products and using renewable electricity to help power our manufacturing operations, EC30’s shampoo and laundry products were able to reduce CO2 emissions from ingredients, manufacturing and transportation by up to 50% vs. traditional liquids. As we go forward, we will continue our focus on how we can reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Job #2 – Balance What we Cannot Eliminate Today

While job #1 is to reduce emissions, we recognize there are some emissions we cannot eliminate today. To estimate EC30’s remaining emissions, we performed a lifecycle assessment study that covered supply chain, manufacturing, and end of life. We also estimated the consumer use phase based on data from consumer use of laundry detergents. This helped us understand the amount of carbon we would balance via the use of high quality carbon offsets.

Use Only High Quality Offsets and Credible Partners

We are experts in clean, we are not experts in carbon offsets. That is why we felt it was important to work with credible partners who can ensure we are using only high-quality offsets. We have chosen to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to purchase high quality offsets and support projects that advance reforestation efforts in the United States. You can read more about those efforts at the Arbor Day Foundation.

Keep Learning

The approach outlined above represents the path we are taking today. We will continue to maintain a strong focus on how we can further reduce emissions and will use natural climate solutions to balance what we cannot eliminate. While we believe the approach outlined above is consistent with current best practices, we also know there are several efforts underway to develop additional guidance and standards for carbon neutral efforts. Going forward, our objective is to ensure our approach is aligned with the best science and practices.

Partner With You to Help Accelerate Progress

While we have taken the steps above to help us move toward carbon neutral cleaning – we can do even more together. Simple actions that you can take while using our products can help reduce energy and water use in the home – and these small steps, repeated day after day, in home after home, can add up to have big impacts.