Ho, Ho, Ho! No Waste Holiday Tips and Gifts

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Keep your holidays filled with joy and merriment! Cut the extras and make this year a zero-waste holiday season. Try these amazing tips and gift ideas from our team members.

Five Zero-Waste Holiday Tips


Find out what the recipient really wants to receive before purchasing anything. Shopping close to home can help reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses! Be sure to shop from ethical brands that support the environment.


Use a real tree and compost it at the end of its life! Buying from a tree farm scores bonus points for supporting carbon absorption. If the only option is to dispose of your tree in a landfill, consider decorating with a fake tree from a second-hand store or alternate ideas.

Did you know that most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable or reusable? Stick to gift wrap that can be used again like holiday bags or cloth alternatives.  

Don’t purchase new decorations! Borrow unused decorations from your family and friends, bake decorations, upcycle items around your house, and go outside and find fresh garland. Get creative and make your own holiday cheer!


EC30’s surface care, toilet drops, hand wash, and laundry detergent are great cleaners to get your home holiday ready. Use EC30’s body wash, shampoo and conditioner to get yourself ready for holiday cheer.

Remember to create some eco-friendly traditions to share with friends and loved ones!

Five Zero-Waste Holiday Tips


Give experiences rather than a consumable gift. Museum memberships, tickets to an upcoming event, a cooking class, and meals at local restaurants are giftable experiences.


Donate to a cause in honor of your friends or family members. Pick one that is close to their hearts.

Purchase a reusable water bottle or coffee mug to help your friends and family cut down on single use plastic.  

Many toys these days are made of plastic, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Wooden toys are a great gift for the children in your family.


Candles, especially non-toxic, zero waste ones, make great gifts because they combine form and function. You can brighten up your friend or family’s home by giving them a scent they love!

P.S. EC30 swatches are amazing stocking stuffers!

We hope you have a fabulous and eco-friendly holiday season!

Warm Wishes from Andy, James, & Amanda  

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